Monday, March 21, 2011

Carb Deets

1. Nac saw the picture I posted of him yesterday and complained. Here is a nice one:

June 2010--Dur.

2. Thank you to all my supporters out there. After and before the run, I felt very supported by friends and family. As far as the race went, I was in the extremely bottom cut of runners, but as far as my life goes, everyone knows this was a trial for me. So, thank you for loving and writing and praying.

3. Nac told me he was going to make a blog called "What Alice Ate" just for my crazy carb-loading. I now present a complete list of everything I ate Saturday:

Nac eats a biscuit while also driving in stick-shift.

-egg and cheese biscuit from Bojangles
-"bo-berry" biscuit (a huge blueberry themed sugar lump)
-bit of vanilla energy bar
-huge veggie omelet
-order of wheat toast with butter and jam
-big helping of hashbrowns
-two chocolate chip pancakes covered in fruit and whipped cream
-huge mug of mocha s'mores expresso
-six pieces of bread
-lemon spaghetti with vegetables
-half a (fresh-caught, eco-friendly) crab cake
-slab of bread pudding

The world is my oyster, the road is my home.

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