Saturday, May 18, 2013

Z to K

Left for Alaska this morning. Boulder pumped his fists in the air when I got to the bar Thursday. "We goin' to the last frontier!" And I barely smiled. I couldn't put my finger on it. Well, yes, I could. It's just that we kept getting emails from the conference director that it was still snowing up there, and I only got a week of summer vacation, and will the conference even be fun, and I just like my life right now! Why botch it?

Flew all day, writing criticism articles with deadlines so so fast approaching. Tired. Cramped up from three planes. The last, a roller-skate. But when I set foot in my final destination, a dinky town surrounded by snowy mountains with dat frash fresh air, WHOA. I am staying a luxury suite on the grad college's dime. Everything is gorgeous. It's snowy, yes, but there's a harbor and a giant fish sign and oh YEAH, I'm here for a VERY EXCITING CONFERENCE, which I had forgotten. Poof. The woes, they woe-no-mo'. That ain't me! Keep moving forward. The important stuff moves with you.


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