Friday, May 17, 2013

Tramps Like Us

24 tunes for the year I was 24 (in chronological order):

1Call Me Maybe--Carly Rae Jepson
so many summer runs
2. Starships--Nicki Minaj
singing with/at the kids at camp
3. I Won't Give Up--Peter Hollens coverin' Mraz
Chicago afternoons
4. Comfort and Joy--Bat Boy
numba one biking tune
5. Born to Run--Bruce Springsteen
writing and directing pump-up/read Battle Royale this year
6. Dancing on My Own--Robyn
so much belting on my scooter, dancing in my bedroom
7. Internet Friends--Knife Party
lots of scary stories/houses this fall
8. Payphone--Maroon 5
so much ironic singing with Dizz during Trel's wedding weekend
9. God Bless the USA--Lee Greenwood
curtain call of the play I was in
10. Sweetie--Carly Rae Jepson
feely-goodest jam of 2012
11. We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together--Taylor Swift
singing on Thanksgiving with my sistah, on Disney roadtrip with Hill
12. Perfect Day--Hoku
24 was a year of (mostly) just being HAPPY
13. Never Quite Free--Mountain Goats
John D in concert, this ditty is so inspiring
14. Red--Taylor Swift
listened to this in LA morning of improv Regionals
15. Holland Road--Mumford and Sons
rough winter, but emerged with hope
16. BedRock--Young Money
I dunno why I got into this again!?
17. (What A) Wonderful World--Sam Cooke
ah yes, forever stuck in my head after watching Witness EVERY SEMESTER
18. Starlight--Muse
19. Barbara Ann--The Beach Boys
the sing-a-long of choice for my improv team
20. Come Back When You Can--Barcelona
so much gratitude for the best people in my life
21. Hang with Me--Robyn
Coke Rats Number One Hit! (and only)
22. Totally F*cked--Spring Awakening
anthem for finals obvi
23. Call Your Girlfriend--Robyn
screamed this during Muffy's entire vizz
24. Synesthesia--Andrew McMahon
I mean, new Andy, you know?

Last Year's List: 23

And you tell her that the only way her heart will mend
is when she learns to love again.

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