Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Other Things Happened

At 1 AM last night (while procrastinating final grades) I had a feeling to text my dad. It was 3 for him, but no matter.

ME: Arf.
DAD: Woof.

He was awake. Because of our cat, he explained. He referenced Catch-22. He asked me about my impending move. Then--

DAD: Tell me again when you head for Alaska.
ME: May 18.
DAD: I have a BD card for you. I better send it early.
DAD: 25!
ME: I can't believe it.
ME: Sounds v old.
DAD: Sounds v young to me.
ME: Pssh. Cos you're a geezer.
DAD: Yeahhhhhh
DAD: When I turned 25 I was just starting my senior year at ___. I knew I was old then.
DAD: Just about ready to lay down and pull the sod over me.
DAD: Take the old dirt nap.
DAD: Yet, other things happened.

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