Wednesday, May 8, 2013

26 Snapshots of Spring Semester 2013

Kath sitting on my pool deck, legs in.
Accentuating attendance policy questions with minor piano chords.
All the women in the hot tub talkin' Italians.
Kissing Bisque at the orange patterned crossroad in my neighborhood.
Educational bug website always open on my iPhone.
Ro egg shaking in her backyard of lights and bikes.
I have finally seen the light. I have finally realized what you mean.
Salmon cardigan. Jean jacket. Chestnut Uggs. Blue Andy sweatshirt.
Palgrave open. Red and white sprinkled cookies on the table.
Boy with huge eyes yelling, "SOMEONE HAND ME A COMPUTER."
Three hour brunch on a Monday.
Cobra stretched out across Ethiopian carpet, peekin all the guys.
Beasts of the Southern Wild on living room sofa, nose stuffy.
Fishtail braiding Muffy's hair.
Tearing up alone in the ugliest hallway, texts from Jamin.
The honest voice of Sitch. The honest questions of adulthood. The cold.
The best improv set in a hotel room for four people.
"But you're not trying not to be."
Balcony monologue aloud. Wood floors.
Slow swing of Ru's body during "Touch Me."
Falafel crumbs on the steps behind the lecture hall.
Four lovers all wearing the same deodorant in Whole Foods.
Planner open to July. Pencil marks everywhere.
Huge room, four professors, vegan cake puffs center stage.
Looking down at a greased peel. Unwashed hair.
Straw Dog day, kicking around gravel, holding the phone.

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Trelawny said...

at first, I thought this was a poem that made less sense than usual. Titles are important.