Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Remember When It Was My Birthday?

And I went to my favorite restaurant of all time--Baker's Square (sidenote: if you think that's sketchy/ghetto fab, die in a fire, it's an extremely nostalgic dining experience for most Chicago southsiders/amazing honey mustard so get over yourself)--and I ordered every pie on the menu? Because that happened.

30 pieces of pie. So this would be less than half.

My favorite Baker's Square pies--by category:

Best fruit pie: Cherry
Best Cream Pie: Strawberry cream cheese
Best Cake-like Pie: Oreo
Wildcard: Key lime
Wildcard Dos: Pecan French silk

Here's the thing. Every pie was delicious. Every one! So, like, how else in the world was I ever going to experience every pie because, you know, you go, and you say you're going to try something new, but how can you try something new when there is Oreo to be had?!

There were plenty of leftovers:

Ohmygod, ohmygod you pies!
(alternate Legally Blonde lyrics sung by Pookie and moi during pie hangovers)

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