Sunday, May 13, 2012

Goodbye for Now, Arizona

This is what I look like right now--poorly-maintained hair, running on three hours of sleep, Bat Boy stuck in my head, arms tired from furiously scrubbing the tub, heart overflowing with love for all my friends in the desert.

This is what I look like because tonight was meant to hold solitary packing slowly turned into a mini-going away party. People kept calling. The doorbell kept ringing, and now Curly and Bug remain in my living room finishing up some sketch business, but I must must sleep. My plane leaves in just over 5 hours.

This is what I look like--kinda gross--but no one minds. To all those reading, and to all those not reading, Goodnight and Thank You for making this a special year.

A conversation can't consist of hello and goodbye and the silences between saying, "I love you."
And sometimes
I wonder about that too.

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