Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Best Day in May (So Far)

Yesterday, May 9th, was, not to sound dramatic, but the best day in the history of the world:

1. Obama OFFICIALLY SUPPORTS GAY MARRIAGE. First president ever. Good job, Mr. President.
2. I spent the morning listening to The Mamas and the Papas after seeing Dream a Little Dream on Tuesday, which is a musical based on their story as a group. And that music is nostalgic and warm to me.
3. Mindy Kaling has been greenlighted for her own TV show!
4. I started reading on the couch in the afternoon, and then I felt like sleeping, so I did. What freedom. Napping without alarms while the Arizona shines down through the balcony doors.
5. No more disgusting Beyonce lemonade. Orange juice has never been so fantastic.
6. I baked cookies for an evening party, so anyone who texted me during the process was invited over for some snacks--specifically Chelle, Ru, Sid, and Bug. The fact that Ru can just bike over or Bug can throw on a puffy jacket and walk through the monsoon for cookies makes me feel like I live in a real community. And you know how I feel about active communities.
7. We are all surprised by a flash flood. We stand on my front stoop watching the palm trees snap back and forth.
8. My friends are very funny. Very very funny. I laugh and laugh and laugh. Ru says, "Okay, Boo Boo." Sid says, "Anything with Sandra Bullock I hate. Besides Speed."
9. And then suddenly we're arguing about the validity of existence from the human perspective. And Sid is interrupting me to say, "No. No. No. 'I think therefore I am' is ALWAYS true." And Bug is shaking her head, and I'm saying, "We don't KNOW." And then with the same conviction this little Cuban kid is just as adamantly screaming, "Five pictures in a row on Instagram is RIDICULOUS."
10. The entire time I wasn't wearing a bra. No one cares. I'm over it.
11. My grad program all celebrated Burrito's graduation by dining in Blue Eyes' backyard. His wife had made Monterey Jack mac and cheese in a crock pot. I had been craving it all week. I decided to take exactly two bites (worried about stomach mutiny). But, no. It was absolutely life-changingly good and settled perfectly into my system. Oh. It was...heaven. Like, teeny french horns blowing at the pearly gates.
12. They found out I went on a date this week, and when Burrito was pestering me about the guy, and I was saying, "You don't know him," my professor chimes in

Prof: Wait, you're dating men now?
Me: Yes? Always?
Prof: What? No. I thought you were...
Me: Yeah! I mean I write a lot about gay rights, but--
Boulder: I didn't think you were gay.
Burrito: I could see it.
Blue Eyes: To be fair, I got a hint of anti-man from you.

So, got that cleared up apparently.

13. Went home starving since I had opened the option of food to my body. My roommate had made Reese's Cookie Brownies before going on vacation, so I cut one in half and ate just a little bit. Oh. Heaven x 85,000.
14. A very drunk Bug and Ru came over, joined by manic Sid. It's nice to have friends by your side right until you go to bed.

You gotta go where you wanna go,
do what you wanna do,
with whoever you wanna do it with.

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