Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Reason #867 I Have to Move Back to Arizona

I just remembered ice cream places in the Midwest have "a season." AKA THEY CLOSE FOR HALF THE YEAR. AKA packing up my stuff, burning rubber back to the dessert, and SITTING IN A VAT OF FROYO IMMEDIATELY.

When I was dating Kay he and I took a short trip to Chicago some summer before heading back to school. I wanted to go to Tastee Freeze, but Labor Day was approaching. While we were driving by I asked him to run inside and asked when they closed for the season. He asked me to repeat the sentence like ten times. "Closed for the season?" he kept parroting. "Yes. Closed for the season." "Closed for the season?" Like I was speaking Greek.

He finally went in shaking his head. When he came back he looked stunned. "They said they were closing September 1st. How did you know they were closing?" And then it occurred to us that he was a California boy, born and bred.


Michelle said...

This is really shocking and horrifying to me.

courtneyfloatsyourboat said...