Saturday, July 26, 2014

Only the Lonely

It's Saturday night and my dad's going to a party. My jobless, apartmentless, boyfriendless days are numbered which is pretty darn exciting with a little droplet of something else. What will I do tonight out in farmland by myself? It feels nice.

I made a brownie sundae and turn on Only the Lonely. It is perfect for new Chicago Alice. John Candy, all the Irish pride, shots of Lake Michigan and the skyline, Illinois Lottery pot emblems in windows, the el, and perhaps most importantly that sincere feel of 90s filmmaking.

At one point though John Candy re-musters his courage to pursue his dream girl after a friend of his dies with no family. Never got married, older sibling in a home, parents gone. This is a common trope thrown into movies/TV. Protagonist realizes might die alone, changes life. I obviously am sympathetic to this concern, but for once I'd like to see someone go, "Huh. Maybe I won't care if no one is around to make my funeral arrangements because I'll be dead, and I was happy until then." I mean, it's not the worst thing in the entire world to be alone sometimes. At least that's my attitude right now when I had a dessert for dinner and my night is still young.
Sunday night movie date with lady-prov post-rehearsal. 2012.

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