Monday, July 28, 2014

Best Policy

I continue to believe in honesty. Tact is an important sidekick, but vagueness is nobody's friend. I had an interview today for lil gig, and right away I didn't have a credential. The interviewer was so super nice including sentences like, "It was so cool to meet you. We'll see!" And I really appreciate that he was trying to make me feel special, but we wont see, sir. We won't! And that is okay! Say so.

The good news is I probably didn't want that job anyway because the commute would be murder, and I just got a job in the city today. So, yays for days obviously! I also took two cookies from the snack table on the way out and put them in my purse and a lot of people saw.

Life is no game! We get one go. Why would we spend the turn faking?

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courtneyfloatsyourboat said...

So true. And I love that you grabbed the cookies.