Thursday, February 27, 2014

Playwright Presentation Week

It was presentation week in my Intro to Playwriting class. I love student presentations. It's an opportunity for young writers to delve into a style, a person, ideas they love. I always learn so much. I took a lot of notes, and here are a few of my favorite glimmers.

I asked one student if he felt all his research on his playwright had brought him closer or distanced him to the artist:
"I've spent the past couple days sleeping or not sleeping in my bed with fifteen books by or about Pinter. So we've gotten closer."

Two students presented on playwrights who contrastingly said write from character and structure follows, then, write from story and character follows.

The kid with half-squinted 9 AM eyes gets excited by Mamet's refusal to explain everything. "Like Game of Thrones!" he chirps, "There's all these friggin' lords, but ultimately, you're just like, 'oh, well, this is awesome.'"

Girlio with pigtail poofs sits in a swivel chair spinning yarns about Ianesco. It's dreamy like her bright green eyeshadow. And I swear, the sweet Mormon with the long brown hair is a little in love with Oscar Wilde.

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