Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Yesterday History

San Diego. The ocean we stayed on in Pacific Beach. During the day we burnt to bits and leapt into the white caps. At night there was no one, the waves shone gold, I swear. That's lasting.
Our first night I ate an avocado appetizer and three desserts. The cookies were the best. Chocolate chip in particular. I ate half that tira misu at 11 PM with my fingers in the hotel room.
We saw this 1950s play at The Old Globe. It touched my heart, and it was closing night. There's something about actors leave the stage after final bows on closing night.
The brunches were legendary. The start to days that only go up from here.
We threw pennies in this Balboa Park fountain. 
I hope my wish comes true.

Tomorrow's a mystery.

1 comment:

Haddock said...

I have developed a taste for avacado after having some in San Jose.
Lovely (and apetizing) pictures.
Hope your wish comes true :-)