Thursday, August 29, 2013

When the Working Day Is Done, Oh

My roommates and I stayed up until 1 AM watching the newest episode of Catfish. Just three lil brunettes side by side on the sofa. Laughing our faces off.

I really loved living with a dude for the previous two years. The garbage disposal was fixed, jars were opened, he didn't care what I was writing about, he played video games alone in the basement. But now?! Now I walk around the house in tanks and undies. Rora puts Dream on the sound-system and we all sing and dance "No chai-ains to unlock!" Ro comes home to make a cuke sandwich when I haven't left for school yet and we gossip our brains out. I get home as she does, hide behind the fridge, and scare the daylights out of her.

I'd say I was in college again, but I don't think that was as fun.
March slumber party!

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Trelawny said...

do you always have your hand down your pants when you're hanging out with them?