Friday, August 30, 2013

On Knowing Everyone/Not Knowing Everyone

Everyone knew everyone at my teeny college.

Pros: felt like a community where everyone cares about you, friends everywhere, smiles
Cons: sometimes you don't want to be around people that know after a break-up everyone knows exactly why your eyes are puffy

When I started my MFA, I really enjoyed taking advantage of being at the biggest school in the country (singing on my bike, looking like an unapologetic trashball). So, quickly I realized this is dangerous because even though I don't know 98% of the student population...I do run into that 2% sometimes. And sometimes it is when I am screeching 1999 Britney on the sidewalk. And some of that 2% are students. Now, I kinda try to keep it together.

Cut to this Wednesday. I was cutting it close on making it to my improv class. I had barely parked my scooter before I hopped off and scampered to the theatre. I passed a bunch of people, and an alarming amount were smirking?

I got to class and saw in the mirror 1. My bangs had been shocked by the wind of my commute. (Like the photo below.) 2. I thought I had been wearing sunglasses. Nope. I was actually wearing my goggles. All over campus.

So I guess, I wish someone had just told me: "Your bangs are whacked and you look like you're in the middle of a YMCA soccer game." But, I guess they don't know me--maybe I'm OCD and need goggles for fear of eye infection I DUNNO and neither do they. So, I guess, one point for knowing people.

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