Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Stuck to You Like Glue, Baby

My dear dear dear friend Kath has been staying with me since Saturday. It's been such a wonderful visit full of poolside sunshine, root beer, and joooookez. If this were my high school Deadjournal, I would have a giant list of things that made us laugh that no one else would care about. So, instead, a couple of the best ideas:

-See the person you want to see!
-We (and others) do things for good and bad reasons, but give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
-It's okay to support friends but not okay to have projects.
-The most important thing is Trying to Be Good. You might hem and haw, but, like, if you look down at your feet and you're on a path of Trying to Be Good, you're doin' alright.
-Be happy. You won't regret being happy.

She like tannin', I like stayin' in.
She like romancin', I like rollin' with friends.
She said I'm caged in, I think her conscious is.
She watchin' that oxygen, I'm watchin' ESPN.

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