Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Office Hours

Playwright professor today: "Well, you're a bubbling young optimist."
After I said, "Well, obviously there are multiple sides to every issue. If there were one clear right side, we would all just do it."
And he laughed, but not sincerely.
And he shook his head.
And I felt huge in his office chair, in his office. Not like my BUTT was too big, not like that. Like, "Oh. All my pieces are chipping off of me at a rate of a million chips per second? And this tiny angular boxy space is going to be, like, wrecked with chips? Like, soon? Like, I need to get out?"

I filled up my water bottle in the hallway. A long highway with all white doors. All closed. All belonging to professers. Not really. Belonging to a university. The one behind me had flyers for theatre business workshops, and there was this picture. A little drawing of a glass of water. It was labeled "water" and "air" and the text said, "It's technically always half full."


courtneyfloatsyourboat said...

Really powerful.

Alice said...

Keep the faith, Honey! Your being an optimist is great and you are right that if there was only one side to any issue it would always be clear what to do. The glass is half full! One more year for you, Sweetie. One more year!!!

Lee Quarrie said...

That's laughter of the one who thought marching to the beat of one's own drum could be safely owned in the tender embrace of academia. If you press a glass to the wall and listen carefully, you will hear the abraded and scratched voice cracking under the lie of it all.