Monday, April 22, 2013

Dream 4.21

I was somewhere with Bisque, somewhere outside and somewhere work-y. Somewhere...not serious, but I had responsibilities. Like summer camp, but it wasn't summer camp. There was a huge cubby system with all these drawers. Drawers and drawers and drawers and everyone's things were inside them we were told. I suddenly had to go. I was in charge of something or doing some project, yes, but the drawers! Someone had to stay behind and watch all the drawers. Bisque volunteered kindly, and I was off.

And then there is a segment of the dream I do not remember, I was busy, but I do know I was aware, pretty pretty aware the whole time that people were approaching Bisque and telling him lies about me. But I wasn't there and there was nothing I could do. When we reconvened, he was acting strange and distant, like I was a stranger. And we opened all the drawers...but they were empty.

We were told, for the event, we needed to cross the street to a parking lot. I started walking, holding his hand. But he remembered something somewhere and said he'd meet up with me over there. We unclasped hands and I watched him go. I had a feeling he was gone for good. But maybe not. I'd just have to see. And then I woke up.

We had just been talking about dreams with Cobra the previous night. She was tipsy and recounting one of hers. She had prefaced with "It was so mysterious," but her tale of misplacing something was simple boiled down: "You feel you're looking for something," we said. She exclaimed (in good spirits), "It's more complicated than that!" because everyone wants to believe our minds are jungles when probably, we're more like potted plants.

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