Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Turning into the Skid

When your car spins out of control on ice, you're supposed to turn into the skid. It's the only way your tires get a grip and can straighten out, but no matter how many times you repeat the sentiment in Driver's Ed, your first (and second...and third...always?) skid, you cut away from the ice as fast as possible, scream as your car 360s before remembering "TURN IN." And then you're fine.

We're supposed to turn gently in to what others' problems are. But it's so difficult. If someone craves attention, for example, refusing to acknowledge them only makes things worse. You must give them positive attention, communicate honestly, and love tenderly. If someone lashes out for lack of confidence it's tempting to dislike him/her. If someone is irresponsible because of stress, we should attempt to relax them to garner better results. But it is just. So. Hard.

Turn into the skid. Turn into the skid. Turn into the skid.

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Lee Quarrie said...

Thanks for this reminder, Alice. Been on both sides of that coin, and it keeps flipping.