Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Back in My Day, a Text Message Used to MEAN Something!"

It did though! It used to be ten cents! And it felt like a genuine little communication. I loved getting a good text message. I would keep the best of the best. I got an iPhone a year and a half ago, and I do love it, but it keeps all my texts ever, which you'd think would be more fun, but it's not. It's more helpful for certain. But, fun? I'm sure my elders would disagree--but there was a romantic aspect of an impermanent screen of text. I could scroll through the greatest hits and feel all loved and good-humored.

When I traded my cellular I had a collection of maybe 50 undeletable (according to moi) texts from the five year period I had my ol' phone. I typed them out, and I just found the doc today. They're all gold, but I'll share a few bests from my sistah:

“How’s Texas, Sweatpant Princess?”

6.1.2010, 12:34 AM
“You were so great tonight! Surprise for you on your bed!”

“YAY! Meant to go for a run but ended up at the _____ for sodas. Kisses!”

“Muffler gone. Call comm. safety.”

"I love you too you little punk."

"Look Who’s Talking Now has held up remarkabley well. Did you know Diane Keaton was the voice of the poodle?"

Pooks in Germany 2011.

Look forward to more entires like dis, y'all.

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