Tuesday, June 28, 2011


A few months ago during the Egypt hooplah, I was watching CNN at the gym. Everything was seeming pretty dark, but, rejoice! The anchors brightened their smiles, chucked their bummer-voices, and announced, "Now. On the lighter side!" and proceeded to tell the story of a women who tried to mail a puppy.

They giggled their voices, these two anchors, and explained how a middle-aged woman wanted to send her son a puppy for his birthday, so she MAILED IT. LOL LOL LOL!

And what's FUNNIER (lol lol lol) is that when she was caught (which she OBVIOUSLY was because there was a puppy running around in the box! LOL!) she demanded that she be returned the puppy! LOL! Let's laugh at this obviously sad mother who has been estranged from her son on her birthday! And let's laugh more at how she probably wanted to return the puppy to the pet store for money but was not allowed to! LOL she got jail time for animal cruelty! LOL!

And then they went to commercial. And I realized my jaw was wide open. Hello!?


How...? In what version of the world does it make sense to imprison a sad woman for putting a puppy in a box when there are actually factories torturing animals on a massive level? I mean...WHAT?

Anyway, since that moment, as my sister can attest, almost any injustice in the world seems to lead me to wanting to shout out, "But...but...meanwhile, there's a MEAT INDUSTRY!"

So, yeah. This is the point where I finally accept Jamin's description of me as "Vegetarian Malcolm X."

Jamin likes to tell me to shut up. Easter 2010. Photo by Pookie.

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