Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's What I Want to Talk About, OKAY?!

So, I'm home from Germany. It was a really good trip, and I am extremely grateful I was able to afford/schedule it. I had a lot of fun. The trip meant a lot to me because I got to see my dad's old military base and some places my sister visited in high school. It was rad. Here are two pictures of like the most famous castle in the world and Heidelberg.

Okay, now I want to talk about being a vegetarian on airplanes. BEING A VEGETARIAN ON AIRPLANES IS THE LAMEST.

I special ordered veggie meals for my dad, sister, and me almost two weeks ago. On the plane tonight they each got their special meals delivered to them. I waited a bit then realized mine wasn't coming because the average meals were starting to be passed out. I buzzed a stewardess (which I HATE doing) to ask about my meal. She said, no I needed to order it in advance. I told her I did. She went to "check" and came back saying there must have been a mix-up--no veggie meal was ordered for me, but, she said, she wasn't going to eat her dinner so I could have it. Great. Eating my flight attendant's dinner and looking like a bum who didn't order things properly.

So, another attendant comes and asks me "Chicken or beef?" and I explain I have the veggie meal--
No, she interrupts, you have to order those special. I explain I did and that--
No, another interrupts, we have a list, and you're not on the list. To make a point, she shows me the list.
I am on the list. I point to my name, she takes it back mumbling to herself.
The original flight attendant shows up and begrudgingly hands me a little veggie meal.

All this for some not amazing spicy rice.

A. This whole thing would have been a lot less sketchy had I been able to just check a BOX that was PROVIDED when I bought my tickets. Instead I had to like call in to the airline and talk to a customer service person and be annoying and waste people's time. I mean, what if I had forgotten? I bet a lot of vegetarians don't even know you can do that.
B. Look. Being a vegetarian is good for the environment, animal rights, human rights, and political justice. Don't get fussy because someone is trying to the the right thing.
C. WHY ON EARTH CAN'T THE QUESTION BE "Chicken or Vegetarian?" instead of beef? I promise you, no matter which meat you get on an AIRPLANE it's not going to taste phenomenal, and I guarantee you the meat quality is less than the best. I mean, even if I ate meat, I'd feel skeptical of the frozen into little foil tins version of food that very easily goes bad. Can't airlines just not serve meat? Then no one would have to be stuck with the blame about who didn't count how many meals etc. etc. etc.

More stuff on Germany later. Hugs 'n' Kisses, Misses.

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Trelawny said...

I would rather it be "beef or vegetarian"