Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Like It!

A few years ago I worked on a flex team for an alumni event at my college. I ran around arranging centerpieces, unfolding and refolding chairs, posting signs etc. A job like that makes you realize, "Oh, somebody DID all this stuff. And that person is probably exhausted."

As I was leaving work for the final time on Friday, I noticed a display of book son tape in the center of the lobby. The display changes all the time. I thought, "Wow. That was really thoughtful." Whoever is in charge or the display realized a lot of students would be making long drives soon and wanted to remind them that books on tape are a good way to pass the time. But who do I throw kudos to? The front desk student don't care. I felt silly seeking out the head librarian to inform her I like something. There's a fine line of gratitude and egotism I'd be walking, right? "Excuse me, I know your time is important, but I want to inform you of an opinion I have (albeit positive)."

The only thing I could think of was "liking" the display. You know? Like a Facebook "like." Having a tiny yellow Post-It, writing "Alice likes this," and sticking it to the books on tape. Wouldn't that be nice? If the things we did in life were sometimes met with tiny near-effortless notes from strangers?

I'd much prefer that system of "liking" than the one most of the world operates on:
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