Thursday, June 23, 2011

German Quality

Although I thoroughly enjoyed my trip overseas, I don't feel like I got a legit peek at German culture. I was with family--American obvi. Heidelberg (where my dad's base was) and the city we day-tripped to were both pretty touristy. Travel is less and less an immersion these days altogether--hearing Rihanna in stores, international fashion, international food available everywhere, etc. But, if there's one thing I definitely took away and learned from was the high quality of things in Germany.

Not gonna lie, I think it's semi-BA I went to a sketchy high school in Chicago where the norm student dress was pajamas and people spit openly in hallways. But, it's pretty refreshing to be someplace, you know, actually clean. Litter is minimized, the communal stress level seems low, and everything was orderly. Everything had a high quality. Please observe the picture below.

Okay, so that's at a McDonalds.


We actually stopped for snack on the road, and we got chocolate cake, and it was legit one of the top five chocolate cakes I've ever eaten. Not to get high-falutin', but that's a big statement coming from me. It made me wonder, why would I ever consume food of low quality again?

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Lauren said...

That's just NUTS! What an amazing McDonald's!!!!!