Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fall Semester 2014 in 26 Snapshots

Graduated in May, but the semester life is far from over. This was probably the hardest semester of my life. Long train trips to the south side to bring a playwriting program to an underserved school, the neverending stream of late work from community college students, the lower paychecks, the higher rent, the days of inherent 4 mile walks, the beginning of the blistering cold nights. But I MADE IT. And, even, I am emerging from the swamp I felt I was drowning in back in August somewhat...victorious. Good student evals, a promotion, two new works on stage, opportunities to perform. There's gold in these hills, folks, and I am leaving the apartment everyday with my pickax and my bus pass, grammar books, and my hot pink mace.
HS boy with a high top explains how it hurts to hear men are jerks.
Screaming about soup with a vocal fry in the cabaret space.
Eating two baked potatoes across from my mom, janky steak house.
A billion cheese cubes in the VFW hall.
Droopy eyes at Bisque, Spiff dances wildly, Ogie the monster.
Bisque in the snow holding cocoa under the A. McMahon moniker.
"It could be so much better." I feel a mirror behind me.
Fall trot with Pookie to the shopletts on Broadway.
Sittin' at the southern kitchen table talkin' educational loans.
My dad takes photos of me getting the high score on Pac-Man.
The barefoot audition.
The Daily Burn, parfait, Friday Night Lights tradition.
Sneezing my face off in class. Gel making me use it.
Sitch and I are the annoying people on that Wednesday night bus.
Oopa! All the saganaki with aunt 'n' uncle.
Crying at what was to come in the New Mexico desert.
Kicking my feet in bed after opening the congrats email.
Using poofs as chairs for living room improv sets with Meat Gang.
Eatin' a ghost cookie on the hottest October (makeshift birthday) day.
The wannabe gym coach putting up his hood to read a poem in 100.
The quiet gamer pretending to flip a table in the 101 debates.
Ripping on the sweetie pies of Tuesday/Thursday.
The pros and cons of living in Saudi Arabia with my tutee at the library.
Wooden post painting where we are members.
The longest and most literal Labor Day ever.
The lightening machine at Science and Industry.

This list was so much harder to make than usual. I barely scratched the surface of things that are monumental because things are packed! Packed, I say.

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