Sunday, May 4, 2014

People in Pictures from the 90s

20somethings in pictures from the 90s look so fierce and joyful. And a bit like slobs.

There's a PostSecret this week with two 90s college friends jumping, estactic. The caption, "And in this moment we were infinite." I believe it.
Photobombing a touching graduation memory in 2012.
Photos were still rare then, but not so rare you would need to sit still holding a parasol to pose for one. The disposable was king. You never knew how it would be. At this point in my life I've seen more pictures of myself this year than those grunge-os saw in a decade. There's something careless about the poses. Most likely they'll rattle around in someone's car for a few months after being developed at the drug store, flutter out the window on a brisk day.

Anything could be seen by quite literally everyone now. There must be a part of us that knows, even when we're not fixated on the fact. Just someone holding a phone vertically is a threat. "What are you doing? Reading something? Likely story." We sit up straight and add the tiniest smile to ourselves. "Now I look lovable," one might think. "And thin."

And I thought I'd live forever, but now I'm not so sure.

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