Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Not Listening When You Say Goodbye

I never thought I'd be this old and still feel the first days of summer. But here it is.

Walk out of the grocery store, it's like I'm inside an Easy Bake Oven. The light-bulb glow has tanned my skin. Sauntered through the gate of the high-end hotel pool with the salt water and falls. Live band playing "Chicken Fried" and "Santeria." I sing along and Bisque dunks me.

Cager and Ro come home at 9:30 on Friday. We go out for shaved ice. I got cherry limeade. Feels like high school, we're talking about AIM. People in our living room when we get back. We sit around, we sit around, what else is there?

I try to clean my room and get bored easily. Close my eyes to Third Eye Blind, eat Cap'n Crunch at 2 AM and watch Breaking Bad until dawn. I'm jet lagged but it's more. It's bein unemployed and out of school. I keep having these half thoughts of "Next semester," and then they evaporate because it is done.

I could worry about money and try to eat healthier, but I haven't been. It's early and I'm young. We watched Scream Sunday night. I will always love it. I'm too defiant for a regular work out. I just want to run and run into the sun.

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