Saturday, May 10, 2014

26 Snapshots, Spring Semester 2014

-Eating greek yogurt on the new poofy couch, watching The Real World: Explosion.
-Defending my thesis with a big smile, a bleeding thigh, and a chocolate stain on my dress.
-The three yahoo freshmen who sat in the front row every Screenwriting class: the backwards Sox cap, the famous name, the blond with a rubber bracelet.
-Dropping the bowl I was cleaning in the sink, screaming hysterically for Bisque, cockroach scuttling under the dishwasher.
-Getting the "rocking horse" and "reverse basic" on Monday night Step.
-Cartwheels in bare feet on the Santa Monica beach after winning improv regionals.
-Bex snapping photos in the Tucson salon, my hair on the ground.
-Crying in the Target parking lot. Hot day.
-Webpages about periods and Italy open in the hip coffee house.
-Trotting the outdoor mall with my sister. Palm trees and blue.
-Wet, tired, aching feet--welled with hope--mile 24.
-Henne ordering me to buy trash because we entered the rare food store with snowy boots.
-Three coaches cuddled in one bed watching Poltergeist on a computer.
-Clenching my fists, a person speaking behind me I could not like. Talented women only.
-Chelle in the 80s chair, we talk issues, we write our movie.
-I use the side door out of Literary Management. Classmates don't.
-Playing High School Musical until the playwrights woke up.
18. -The longest ride to New Mexico there ever was.
-Lights up after The Whale. The whole row in tears. Apple pasty.
-We eat chili. Muffy's family explains everything about zombies.
-Talking until the end of time in two neighboring twin beds with kid sheets.
-The post-gym shower on Saturday afternoons.
-My multi-color pack of felt-tipped pens. Doodling article notes.
-Sittin' with the kid in shorts above the auditorium, talkin' drama.
-Are You The One? and buttermilk donuts with the women of DZ.
-"The more I think about it. The more less interested I am."

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