Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bein' a Woman! (Part III)

At times I am uncomfortable to publicly say anything about romance. I am happy to show simple affection when I am with my beuf, but when I'm not, I get worried about not sounding like my own person. And I am my own person! I've known people (I'm sure you have too) who project so much about their sig others that they seem to fade into a deflect of that other half.

But. The people we care about are part of who we are. To avoid them in projecting our "own personhood" is to neglect something very important about ourselves.
I miss this guy.
And I could write a book,
the one they'll say that shook
the world and then it took--
it took you back to me.
And I could write a song
a hundred miles long.
Well, that's where I belong.
And you belong with me.

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