Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Thing I Don't Get

Riding horses. On a hike yesterday one of my campers told me she has been riding since she was one. Okay, what? How does an infant ride A GIANT BEAST. This girl (13) also owns a horse. I had previously assumed that only richo girls from the Hamptons owned horsed, but apparently it's NBD?

Camp has six horse. Which 87643 girls want to ride. I didn't get this as a camper, and I don't get it now. Where is the appeal? Is it a subconcious power thing? Like, "I can't control my life, but I hold the reigns on this"? Surely it's not a cute thing. Horses aren't cute, right? Is it a princess thing?

I have ridden horses before. I never found it thrilling or cool or even very interesting. This is a thing I don't get.

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