Wednesday, August 24, 2016


-ate crackers and cheese on the couch
-Puhg shows me how he cleaned the shower, there is also a "Welcome Home" banner
-walked the neighborhood, seeing what's new and not
-Puhg dines on some buckwheat pancakes
-sleeping in my own bed
-lake walk while I talk lines out loud for next gig
-my favorite feel good brunch!
-appt. and green smoothie
-improv and sketch rehearsal with people I don't know who I now like!
-hugging a crying friend
-buying candy at Walgreens and then deciding I want different candy and no one giving me guff for exchanging DOLLAR CANDY (ended up with Buncha Crunch fyi)
-saw Lights Out on $6 Tuesday, some good scares, some good movie seat cuddles!
-unpack everything
-back to the gym, my step teacher gave me a sweaty hug!
-grocery shoppin'
-discussing comedy over fancy hot cocoa with Flood
-but also working my tail off, seriously my tail is gone because of lesson plans and writing contests and lines and emails but I am home I am home I am home

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