Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Break Sunday

There's a special kind of elaborate trick the other participants in the 9 AM Maximum Force Kickboxing class pull on you when the instructor says, "Okay guys, let me hear you on this next set of jabs. YAH! Let me hear you!"...and you are the only one who screams "YAH" in the studio room of forty people.

I have officially submitted my musical to a festival. This is big. The first time you send it out "there," it's real. Not perfect, but it could be real. I hope I get in. I've been getting mostly rejections lately. I think rejection always stings. I've been improving my recovery time though. I can wallow for one, two minutes tops sometimes. The more rejections, the shorter the wallow time. This is an important tolerance to build.

To celebrate Bisque and I saw It Follows which I'll talk about another day. I ate gummy bears and all of my peanut butter M and Ms. Still, I was ravenous on the way home, emotional from lack of food and probably blitzed out with PMS. Crankily I cried into the wind that I wanted Taco Bell.

It is spring break for the Chicago City Colleges. I will always remember fondly the first night of Spring Break when I was in 8th grade. My friends and I piled into the Chevy Lumina and saw Josie and the Pussycats together. We left the theatre screaming "SIX WHOLE HOURS AND FIVE LONG DAY-AYS." I wrote in my diary that I was happy.

Basic Bean pic.
My mom was visiting Friday. To kick off break festivities we saw 9 Circles, a play about an American soldier who committed warcrimes in Iraq. A little different from Josie and the Pussycats, but rather satisfying. Plus we walked half a mile for the churros she likes. I took in the lights from downtown. Even the big fat TRUMP all sparkling. I am thinking Chicago, you are not so bad. The redline was full of people getting ready to party, but I was reading A Separate Peace, ready for bed.

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