Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dat Art Life

Today has been a very art day.

7:30 rise and get ready for the day while listening to showtunes
9:00 read inspirational essay about originality on the train
9:30 attend a theatre educator's conference
1:30 teach a high school playwriting class
3:30 make the long commute back to the north side while listening to a improv podcast
5:00 workout at the gym while listening to the demos from my new musical
6:20: eat cheese and chocolate while reading an improv blog
7:00 perform music improv show
9:30 go to bar with music improv cast
10:15 purchase tickets to a show tomorrow
10:30 come home and write in this blog

Art all day. And today is not an exception. My life is mainly art all day. Truly, I am doing exactly what I set out to do when I accepted my seat as a new MFA candidate four years ago. And yet, so many days it doesn't seem like enough. Beyond the schedule I posted above, I got two emails about sketches to write, had to resend my film script to Shells for her most recent revisions, and get propositioned for a new comedy team. I repeat: I'm doing exactly what I set out to do. And, still yet, it can not seem like enough.

But it must. Because there is literally nothing else I can do. I have thrown myself full-force into these worlds: improv, musicals, theatre ed, screenwriting. Some days it feels there's so little to show for it. Why are my lyrics so basic? Why can't I get another joke in these pages? Will this kid ever learn? But I am doing all I can do, and if anything, I need to do less.

 I decided to spend fifteen minutes in the steam room after my work out tonight. No phone, no thinking about scripts, no one else. Just me and the steam. In the silky hot tile room, I felt truly at peace. I'm not trying to do it--I am doing it. As long as you're doing it, you're doing it.

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