Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Night Work

AT RISE ALICE, 20s in oversized tee and gym shorts, is in bed writing with her laptop open. Soft folk music is drifting out of the speakers. BISQUE, 20s and lovable, like a big chinchilla is next to her. He is laying down with his eyes closed. A lamp is on on the nightstand.

ALICE: Want me to turn off my music?
BISQUE: That's at the bottom of the list of things to turn off.
       (ALICE looks at the lamp, at the computer.)
ALICE: Want me to go into the living room?
BISQUE: (Beat.) No.
       (ALICE gives a self-satisfied, "Humph.")
ALICE: Okay then.
       (BISQUE narrows his eyes.)
BISQUE: Well, at the top of the list of things to turn off IS THE ATTITUDE.


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