Monday, February 23, 2015

Goodbye, Radio Shack

Walked into the Radio Shack on State Street. The siren song of 50% off. I'm looking for a new iPhone case because I hate mine, or rather, I just don't love it, and I've decided I don't really want to have things around I don't love. There are no cute 5c options, so that's about it. The store is busy, but no one is buying things. They are like me--slowly pacing the tiny aisles with hands behind my back. Cords, cords, sub-par headphones, cords, blank DVDs, burner phones. One employee stands behind a pathetic shelter of importance--the register--and cares zero percent what is happening inside the store. I'm not even sure he was wearing a uniform. An old TV on display was playing Breaking Bad. I strongly doubt that's just "what was on." It was an older episode. The one where Skyler disappears and leaves her cell on the kitchen counter.

I remember the Radio Shack by the Cal Sag. I would go there with my dad on errands. There were always toys that I didn't want like a robot dog or helicopters.

I had only stopped in on Sunday because it was on the way to Barnes and Nobles. I have heard it will likely be going out of business this year, and I had a gift card.

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