Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Million Things Inbetween

A year ago I was in Vegas having the time of my life (AKA seeing David Copperfield and inhaling everything at the dessert buffet, shout out to my home girl lemon squares! Y'all a powdery hero of our culture!)
Stratosphere with Cager.
It seems like I lived an entire life between then and now. Thesis, graduation, Italian getaway, teaching, teaching, teaching, South Carolina beach, girl's getaway haircut, snowy Boston, trolleyride in Virginia, the nights it was funny to be up on the toilet, the long stretch of cobblestone it wasn't, my friends hanging banners, my friends with donuts, my friends with wet hair in rainbow lights. I found a page in the back of my planner last night. A pro con list of flying out here for Thanksgiving to audition for The Program. All the realities were once pro and con lists in pencil.

I want to say once you choose, you choose, and the process dissipates. But that's not quite true. Sometimes maybe, but sometimes that one flick of a comment during the grunt work haunts you forever, or you have to consult your high school diary to know what it felt like to win the big meet.

I suppose each day is the important day. It doesn't seem we get the privilege of controlling what will stick, so make it all something you don't mind being stuck to.

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