Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Burger King Dream

In another dimension I don't care about politics. I really don't know about politics. I probably forgot to vote. I don't have a higher degree, and I like any movie. I saw Sisters on the opening weekend. I've never researched factory farms, and I didn't soak in short stories about the complications of love. I like being squishy and eat Jr. Whoppers from Burger King whenever I feel like it. I drive there in my jeep. I have a job I don't care very much about, but it is simple, and the birthday parties that close down on Fridays are fun. I go on vacation once a year to a place without museums--as far as I'm concerned. I lay in the hotel bed until it's too late to get breakfast, so I get a muffin and a venti frap at Starbucks. The DVR is set for Two Broke Girls. I like watching episodes I have already seen. I haven't written since my college English 101 class where I plagiarized a paper I wrote in high school about a fashion designer I (in this dimension) have never heard of. I'm no homophobic, but I don't know any gay people, so I don't follow their civil rights. I have a nice boyfriend, so feminism doesn't interest me. I lose track of time playing Candy Crush and feel satisfied when I've completed a level. I envy this version of what could be.

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Alice said...

No you don't. You don't envy that type of vapid life!