Sunday, October 2, 2016

For Posterity

Texted with Ru today to pay homage to a party we went to just about four years ago. It was at Bug's house. Skars showed up as if they weren't broken up. My gang gossiped in the garage. The night ended when this group of three girls who had all taken turns making out were rolling in the gravel outside the front door. One was crying and couldn't stand. One was wearing a skirt with no underwear--flashing to goods to everyone. One whimpered, "This always happens to us." Yikes.

At the time I felt pretty busy working full time and going to school full time, but in hindsight all I remember is pulling up to the party on my brand new scooter, reading in the condo hot tub, dusting my glass desk, and over-wearing my brown floral dress. I know one day I will look back on these early Chicago years and feel just as rosy. For myself on that day, for posterity, an outline of October 1st:

8 - wake up and finish/revise a piece for my sketch class
9:30 - advanced aerobic step class followed by steam room
11 - shower and race around packing my backpack with show clothes and scripts
11: 30 - take $4 Lyft to theatre for sketch class
11:55 - run through Whole Foods across from theatre buying fast lunch/breakfast ($9)
12 - unapologetically eat chili throughout first twenty minutes of class
1:30 - on a break from class buy and consume spinach smoothie and Cliff bar ($10)
2:55 - run out of class
3 - check-in to an audition for a new show at same theatre
4:40 - dash out of the audition and once again into WF for a sushi roll ($8)
4:45 - Uber to SC ($3), scarf wasabi
5 - rapid-fire rehearsal of archived sketch show
7:10 - run to the bathroom, lock the door, flat iron my hair and throw on a dress
7:30 - perform sketch show
8:10 - get notes from director
8:20 - take the train home while answering student emails
9:05 - eat pretzels and hummus, change into casual performance attire
9:15 - Uber to comedy theatre ($4)
9:35 - orchestrate a brief hangout with and old friend from the scene in STL
10:10 - call time for improv show downstairs
10:30 - perform my first sit-in show for WNT
12 - show's over, sit in the greenroom
12:10 - walk to the train
12:40 - arrive home, exhausted but heart still pounding
1 - try to read, pass out

In summation: I spent truly all day yesterday doing comedy. I got paid zero dollars. I spent $46. I should buy stock in Whole Foods. For my first two hours of consciousness today, I stayed in bed.

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