Monday, July 18, 2016

Is Love Alive?

20 Important Songs of the Past Year

Mine - Phoebe Ryan
Happy summer strolls to work, to rehearsal, slipping into bed at night to watch Scream and eat crackers.
Nine People's Favorite Thing - title of show
The reminder to keep making the stuff I want to make.
Fight Song - Rachel Platten
A buck up number when notes get me down.
Geronimo - Sheppard
The best song in Step class!
Fire and Rain - James Taylor
Anthem for a fall camp reunion in Michigan.
Give it to Me I'm Worth It - Fifth Harmony
Getting the class excited to learn about grammar!
The Schuyler Sisters - Hamilton soundtrack
I mean.
Peace - O.A.R.
Figuring out my place in this big fat world!
Rock It 'Til You Drop It - Fefe Dobson
Getting pumped on the train ever Saturday night, heading to the theatre.
Hey Leonardo - Blessid Union of Souls
Chicago nostalgia. Creeping through my past.
Love the Way You Lie - Eminem, Rihanna
Important angry run music.
I Wanna Dance with Somebody - Whitney Houston
Important happy clean the apartment music.
Hit or Miss - Newfound Glory
Watching people as they pass, as they pass.
My Life Would Suck Wihtout You - Kelly Clarkson
Coreography in The sketchshow I wrote this year.
Winter Song - Sara Bareilles
Practicing the splits in the coldest of cold days.
Hold Up - Beyonce
Jamming in my tiny cabin, being transformed by pure passionate art.
Everywhere - Michelle Branch
Dang, I get to be a loved woman.
Waking Up in Vegas - Katy Perry
Running around the Carribean happy as a clam.
Pogues - SC material
The finale of our show that I love dearly.
Sweet Home Chicago - Blues Brothers
Our "get into places" music for our mainstage show on the ship.

Last year's list.

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