Sunday, January 10, 2016


Watched CNN as I worked out yesterday. An money expert was talking about how 900 mil is better to nab in a lump sum instead of over time. "Maybe I should buy a ticket," I thought. In the afternoon two new gal pals came over to watch The Bachelor. Bisque came home from his haircut, apartment smelling like brownies and ladies a chittering, and asked if I would mind stopping at 7/11 on the way to my show. He wanted a Powerball ticket. Neither of us had ever bought one before.

It was snowing last night as I made my way to SC. I saw Kit on the platform and we caught up. I excused myself and got off a stop early--where a 7/11 is. There was a dozen people milling around waiting to buy a shot at the treasure. I asked the guy behind me, who had his lucky numbers filled in, how to do it. We were all buzzing with possibility.

When I walked into rehearsal my director asked me where I got my ticket. Kit must have told him that's where I was. He was going to get one while the opening act went on. I mentally wondered if he would give me a gift if he were to win. We had a dynamite show. I played a mosquito who questioned the existence of God since my best friend got malaria. Later, after gabbing and hanging, I googled the numbers.

Today while I looked for a sports bra at the bottom of my dresser I wondered what I would do with that money. Charity, Bernie Sanders' campaign, a vacation, setting up my family. But, in terms of day to day...I think I would still teach community college. Probably not three classes--but I would teach one. I would still take improv classes. I would take more Ubers and I would eat more Potbelly salads, but I like where I am.

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