Thursday, May 28, 2015

S'more Fever

My favorite food is a s'more. It's so simple, so delicious, and a pseudo-craft. In the past couple years, the world has caught on. America, at least, has s'more fever. Will s'more be the next pumpkin? A batty craze meant to infuse a fake sense of seasonal joy into our bloodstreams? Honestly, I hope so.

I've done a comprehensive look at all things s'more before. It was published here. In the past couple months, I have tried four new s'more novelties, so I am going to write about them, as one is want to do.

1. Starbucks S'more Frappuccino--I can't believe this didn't already exist. Here's the deal: pretty dang tasty, pretty dang s'morey too. The taste AND the texture of the marshmallow are preserved--v crucial. Graham cracker crumbs--choice. I had a decaf one once though, which was basically a bucket of chocolate drizzled ice and whipped cream, so, I guess, I don't recommend that. Necessarily. B+

2. Starbucks S'more Tart--SERVED WARM. Dang, this tart has it all. The marshmallow manages to be slightly crispy (a la campfire for reals!) and the chocolate is v rich 'n' gooey. The graham is a bit more thick and pie-crusty than a typical s'more would allow, but it was buttery, so who's complaining? A
Selfie text from Bisque that made me squeal!
3. S'more Oreos--Fun fact: several people alerted me to the news these were being made, and three people have already bought me some. I am a s'more celeb! Thoughts: the cookie does taste graham-y--but only slightly different than a typical Oreo cookie. The creme tastes like creme. I wasn't getting a 'mallow vibe TBH. Still, it's a good cookie. It's just not the most impressive take. B+

4. Maggiano's Dessert S'more Special--This was a special one-month-only dessert at the Lettuce Entertain You staple Maggianos. And that fact will make me sad for the rest of my life because this slab of s'more cake was literally the best thing I have ever eaten. I am not kidding. I've eaten sushi in Japan, fresh noodles in Italy, this weekend at the best restaurant in Chicago, and I would give it all up for a s'more cake. Thick crumbly s'more crust, fat slab of chocolate mousse, ample marshmallow topping that has been blow torched to smokey perfection, drizzles of caramel. Truly my favorite food of all time. If you think that's lame, then you clearly DIDN'T TRY ANY. A+++

That's the s'more round-up for now. Why more companies haven't gotten onboard is beyond me. I'm lookin at you Dunkin Donuts with your lack of S'more Munchkins.

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