Thursday, January 9, 2014

Freal Happy Post! (No Vegetarian Rants)

Chances are, if you saw me any time between December 20th and 31st I was dropping some kind of candy or baked good into my mouth and announcing, "YOLO DIET STARTS IN 2014."

And then for dinner on New Year's Day I had Portillos. #KM
Chocolate cake shake & french fries. Emoji heart eyes.
But, guess what, you guys? It's been a week. And I have eaten no desserts. This is probably normal for most humans, but for me it's like...the equivalent of the 1969 moon landing for my fitness. Cookies is a food group to me? Let's...also be clear when I say "diet" I mean "eat whatever I want except donuts." I'm currently in marathon training, so, like, I shouldn't have popcorn for lunch anymore?

It's so funny when you start to eat sincerely healthy again. You're like, "This tastes so good and I feel so good. Why don't I always do this?" And I think that's true of all things we know are good for us. So,  let's just do the things we know to be good! And stop doing the things we know to be bad! Come on, guys. We've been doing this for years.

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