Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review

Lately I've been affectionately calling myself a "little sluglet" since Winter Break began, which is code for "lazy scumball."

Examples of being sluglet:

-my daily uniform of the same hot pink tank top that reads "I DON'T SWEAT I SPARKLE" and gym shorts SUP, BOOOYS!
-my diet, like yesterday's dinner of three Fannie Mays and second dinner at 11 PM of potato skins dipped in ranch
-how the same junk mail has been laying on my bedroom floor since November, RIP rainforest, I step on Children's International kids faces er'ryday
-any task I have to do takes me about eight times as long as when I'm in school (I learned about how gators go into "hibernation" but that doesn't mean they sleep, it just means they stop processing their food and move like molasses, only coming out to lounge in the sun and I can def relate)

But I wasn't always this way! No, I wasn't. It's very very hard to remember on days like today when I've literally just cleaned the debris of my disgusting vacation lifestyle and watched Sister Wives, so I'm providing a tidy lil list of neat thangs I did in 2013. It's a boring list, but sometimes it's nice to see what can be done in a year.

Profesh Ish

-taught/TA'd four college classes, one that I designed from scratch
-had a play workshopped at a theatre conference in Alaska
-rewrote and watched my thesis play get produced
-got a job writin' for a theatre journal reviewing new works
-another two semesters of classwork completed, one remains
-another two semesters working with disabled students
-auditioned for and accepted to The Program
-devised a new play for kiddos at summer camp
-did a lil freelance speech high school coaching/judging
-performed at National College Improv Tournament Nationals, did a spot at fall improv fest, a lil standup, a new works festival, a couple bits at Encylo Showz
-workin' on two screenplays

Personal Ish

-met and fell in love with a really great guy
-moved to a new home with new wonderful roommates
-took an Alaskan cruise with my mom and sistah
-roadtripped to the north woods with my dad to visit my aunt
-traveled to Vegas, South Carolina, and San Diego!
-hosted three of my best friends in one month!
-made some new frands (Cager, Lavender, Rora)
-experienced hella culture (MUSE concert, read Heartbreaking Work, saw Clyborne Park, many excellent films, etc.)
-and, of course, progressing as a human being through trials, gratitude, and reflection
It's not a ton, and it's not glamourous, but these small steps add up, you know? Tomorrow it begins again. Good food, good sleep, good organization, good person.

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