Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Not sure how many times I've eaten
at the student union Taco Bell.
A lot
I guess. But I hadn't been since
last January.
Not because I'm being healthier
or something. Just because I got tired of it.

"I'm eating healthy all week," I had announced
because I had a monster of a diet
this weekend thanks
to speech tournament judging, a Friendsgiving,
general Sunday ice cream couchtime.
And I didn't feel good.
Then yesterday as my shift at work ended
I was just
Taco Bell.
So I made my way over and realized
I never see this side of campus anymore.
I saw a student from work in the distance.
When I run into them not in the context of their disability I think
some stuff
about people.
I sat outside at a two-person metal table
in the shade.
A girl came out right after me,
had to sit at the next table back.
I opened the crunchwrap. A bird
pooped on my arm.
If I hadn't been there,
it would have been the gal behind me
wearing a long-sleeve blouse.

Ran into Hill by the theatre office.
Pop cup in hand, I explained, "I was going to eat healthy all week."
Haha, taco cravings! I gestured to the Coke.
She texted me last night:
"I may have Taco Bell today for the first time in forever.
You have shaped the future."

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