Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ze Hungare Games

Boy, do I flip my lid when it comes to The Hunger Games. I just enjoyed the books so much. They were a great distraction during finals last year, and I do, I have a major crush on Peeta. There's a poster on my wall.

So, imagine my extreme freak-out when during our improv show Thursday I heard someone yell out "Gamemakers!" when Skars asked the audience for a suggestion of a relationship for the two actors on stage. It had been Kale Jr. I jumped out from behind the flat and pointed to her! OMG GAME MAKERS! I yelped! Skars went with "Grocery  store employees." WHATEVER, CRUSH MY DREAMS.

I texted Kale Jr. today--
ME: Lol at you suggesting Gamemakers Thursday.
ME: Best part of [the season] so far.
KJ: The best part is that I actually said "gay neighbors."

I hate my ears. And my thorough knowledge of all things Katniss.

(SVC gets me though.)

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