Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Bday, Muff!

Yesterday was Muff's bday, and as I currently live in the forest without reception, I did not get to wish her any happy returns--let alone many.

So, today, as it is my day off, I am wishing Muff a very happy belated bday.

Two really great things that happened while I visited her:
-She tried to get her husband to park in the numbered spot in the airport parking lot that matched my old college mailbox. This was crazy--but the type of silly little thing I actually was amused by.
-When discussing games she noted, "The only game I like it Truth or Dare." Maybe that's not a funny quote unless you know Muff, but I assure you, it's funny.

Other really great things:
-She's a super supportive friend.
-She works really hard at doing good.
-She doesn't have to work hard at all to love everyone and most every thing.
-Humility poster child.

Happy Birthday to my dear, dear friend!

I wish nothing but the best for you too.

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